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We are just one of central Dublin’s most skilled, quality construction companies. We provide you a 360 level, convenient, fully transparent solution, delivering your high-end task at a competitive cost.

Why to Choose Us

We add actual functional value to your job. With over 15 years’ experience in providing top quality construction services in Dublin we can assure you the realisation of your vision, crafted to perfection and also provided on-time, defect-free and also on-budget. You are guaranteed of:

  • Accurate, fixed-price quote and also in-depth cost break down at the outset– no spiralling expenses as well as no surprises!
  • Structural expertise whatsoever phases of construction
  • Top quality construction and coatings from skilled developers, construction professionals as well as expert craftsmen
  • Full transparency and communication throughout the job by a specialized task manager.

How can we help you?

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We are not just a service provider.

We are a partner, stimulant and partner.

Founded in 2000, PAM Construction Dublin is a professional main contractor leading a brand-new method for the industry.

Through an ambitious yet managed growth strategy, PAM Construction is currently strongly established across several regions and industries. We use a team of 100 people, providing years of collective proficiency.

PAM Construction is associated with efficient shipment throughout new build as well as refurbishment projects in the Ireland. We aim to be the professional of choice in the domestic, industrial, hotel and recreation markets. We approach our deal with honesty and also integrity as well as delight in the chance to supply areas and spaces with useful, resilient influence.

PAM Construction Dublin creates a brand-new standard and helps with a favorable tradition in the constructed environment by working together with critical and similar clients.

News & Articles

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10 Tips to Renovate your House Beautifully yet Economically

You are renovating since you desire your house to look even more attractive as well as really feel even more comfy. Consider your residence renovation plan as a business strategy or as your special project you are starting from scratch.

If you work with an architecture he prepare for you, but if you intend to conserve money the primary step is to organize the job as well as do it to on your own. In this short article we are sharing some DIY ideas on, just how to renovate your house on budget plan?

The key to renovating your house on budget plan yet wonderfully is primarily to prepare the whole procedure properly. The adhering to sections will certainly demonstrate just how you can divide your entire renovation plans into sub-plans, according to the area you have as well as renovate your house properly. If you are seeking to discover leading 10 means to renovate your house wonderfully yet economically then read listed below:

Divide and Conquer

As discussed previously efficient preparation is the vital to reliable renovation. Then you require to focus on both the bigger photo and also the smaller sized parts, if you are renovating yourself. You may have heard the phrase “entire is higher than the amount of its components”, you can use the very same technique to your house renovation project and also develop a renovation plan for each area in your house. If you work with an engineer for renovation, he will examine your needs and afterwards renovate appropriately. In this situation considering that you supervise, you will certainly conceptualize your demands, write your objective for each and every area in your home and determine the overall objective, and afterwards move on to:


Considering that you intend to renovate your house financially it is very important for you to make a decision the complete expenditure requirements/limit. It is important to bear in mind in budgeting that you can not overstate your budget, maintain your budget plan ignored and then proceed to researching for points you need.


When renovating your house on budget plan please remember that if you study to find the furnishings you like, repaint you desire or the decors you would certainly such as in your house, you are most likely to find many of the materials at an economical rate. For step by step guidelines on just how you can enhance your house perfectly yet financially please checked out listed below:

Doors Create the Impression

The first impression of your house is your door. When renovating on a spending plan if you are repainting your door try to utilize different tones according to the focus of light in your house to enhance the illumination of your house the method you desire to.

Repaint Affects Illumination

As mentioned earlier painting affects lighting as well as when renovating your house you might choose a brand-new paint. If you are currently on a spending plan purchasing different colored pallets may seem counterproductive, in that instance. If you get on a limited spending plan after that choose a black and white combination, it will certainly give your house a contemporary advanced look as well as you will certainly have the warranty that you can never ever fail with white or black.

Small Areas do not have to Look Small

If you are renovating to make a cottage look larger than a gorgeous as well as inexpensive way of achieving that objective is to use mirrors. It’s an affordable method however it’s made use of by among one of the most popular engineers of his time, Sir John Soane, who utilized mirrors in the morning meal room of his London house.

Cooking areas as well as Storage

If you are decorating/renovating your house then you are most likely attempting to de-clutter as well as optimize your storage space also. Utilizing your kitchen to its maximum capability can aid you decrease your storage space problems. In order to do this on a reduced budget plan you can either do it yourself kitchen cabinets or storage spaces from recycled product at your house, or make the most of thrift shops in your area.

No one knows your kitchen area far better than you do as well as your storage needs developing DIY storage kitchen cabinets will certainly not just aid you conserve money and reuse old materials at your house but it will certainly additionally make certain that you’re constructing specifically what you need. Then you don’t require to replace them you can simply paint them to make your kitchen appearance as excellent as brand-new, if you currently have closets which are enough for storage space.

Light Comes through the Windows

According to Marc Appleton, “half the experience of living indoors is seeing the outdoors” So when renovating your house install big windows. You may not have the budget plan to change your home windows in that case play around with paint as well as repaint your home windows a shade lighter than the remainder of the area to optimize the light coming via the home windows.

Bathroom Renovation

You would be stunned at the number of economical yet quality items you can purchase to renovate your bathroom. If you are wanting to mount new bathroom fixture you can examine our Toto Bathroom, and if you are not preparing to install any type of brand-new products, you can spruce up your existing toilet by changing the paint, changing cupboard paints and also by fixing the stress of shower etc

Floor Renovation

If you are on a budget after that flooring renovation may appear pricey, and also if you can not discover a floor covering installation under your budget then you need to invest in renovating every little thing else according to your flooring design.

The secret to renovating or redecorating your house beautifully yet cheaply is to create a goal on your own, and paint an entire image of what you want and afterwards detailed renovate each part of your house like mentioned over.

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25 of the Greatest Design Errors New House Owners Make

Currently comes the hard part: making it your own. We spoke to 2 professionals– a renovation expert as well as an interior designer– to find out about the most typical mistakes that brand-new home owners make, so that you won’t adhere to in their steps.

  • 1. Starting improvements too soon
    If possible, live in your house for some time before making any kind of strategies to overhaul. “Learn its circulation, where the groceries land, where the washing intends to go, exactly how the sunlight hits it, where the choke points are, which way the rain slants, also get a sense of its spirit,” says Bruce Irving, an independent renovation specialist and also real estate agent from Cambridge, Massachusetts. “Every one of this will certainly notify your options when you make your strategies to transform things.”
  • 2. Taking too lightly costs
    Many work will certainly cost more and also take longer than you expect, so constantly add 20 percent to what you think a job will complete when budgeting “If you don’t have the funds,” warns Irving, “reduced the work back. If you take place to defeat these estimates, after that your surprises enjoy ones.”
  • 3. Anticipating every little thing to go according to strategy
    Deal with older structures can generate a great deal of unforeseen events. That understands what lags that wall you’re opening up? New construction is more controlled, yet that doesn’t always imply smooth sailing. Be prepared for the unforeseen. “It’s a human failing,” states Irving. “Most of us hope as well as hope everything goes according to plan.” Count on us: Nothing will.
  • 4. Not hiring a developer from the beginning
    ” You are about to invest greater than you ever thought possible,” says Irving. “It may too be for a correctly-designed point.” Insides developers and architects typically either charge by the hour or take a portion of the general job (say, 10 percent)– a tiny amount contrasted your overall payment.
  • 5. Going for the lowest proposal
    ” Great expert aid deserves the money,” claims Irving. “That suggests design in addition to construction.” Want to spend for a good specialist, as well as watch out for the one who’s affordable and also available as soon as possible.
  • 6. Working with a specialist that’s not a good fit
    Due to the fact that somebody is an excellent developer does not mean she’ll be a good fit for you, simply. Do you have the very same visual? Top priorities? “If she or he doesn’t ask you a lot of concerns concerning your demands, wishes, and also the method you live, find somebody else,” claims Irving. “Listening skills and also inquisitiveness are critical.”
  • 7. Not asking for references
    Irving recommends speaking to the previous three customers of anyone you plan to employ. “These individuals will certainly have experienced the person at his/her existing degree of achievement as well as staffing,” he points out. Reach out to basic service providers for an engineer’s references, as well as vice-versa. “And see your prospects’ job sites to find out if you like what you see in terms of cleanliness and vibe.”
  • 8. Waiting too long to consult a general service provider
    Ask a contractor to take a look at plans in the schematic phase, as opposed to at in-depth completed strategies, claims Irving. “This way you can figure out if your job is in the right spending plan ball park prior to falling in love with a strategy– and also spending for a total collection of biddable illustrations. It’s also an excellent way to meet prospective professionals, get their input, as well as not abuse their time.”
  • 9. Making believe to understand a design plan
    “Painters tape can be a woman’s finest friend,” says Jocelyn Chiappone, interior designer and also owner-principal of Digs Design Business in Newport, Rhode Island. Taping out a room functions better than any type of illustration or design app for recognizing how points will certainly fit.
  • 10. Not asking enough questions
    ” Ask lots of questions,” claims Irving. “There’s no such thing as a stupid one, as well as besides, it’s your cash you’re spending. You ought to understand why and also on what.”
  • 11. Making too many adjustments along the road
    Adjustments that seem simple to you may require a lot of work with the back end, so make sure you check with your developer or home builder on even small changes. “Also relocating a light switch a couple of feet can cost $1,500,” advises Irving.
  • 12. Not setting up a timeline
    Deal with your contractor to create a checklist of items that need to be purchased and also target dates for choosing. “The last point you want is to really feel under pressure to make a vital component selection you’ll later regret,” claims Chiappone.
  • 13. Not assuming outside the box, literally
    Rain gutters, grading, and roofs may sound monotonous when there are chandeliers to obsess over, yet you’ve got to construct a strong envelope if you desire your house to hold up. “If you’re faced with a choice of working with the outdoors or the within, begin outside,” says Irving. “No point in placing in a new flooring if the roof covering is readying to leak.”
  • 14. Sweeping insides under the carpet
    On the other hand, way too many times, interiors are an afterthought. Newbies frequently think they can do finish job themselves or toss their old couch into a new room. If you desire to enjoy your room– as well as increase its value– make sure you leave area in the budget for functioning on interior design and also decoration.
  • 15. Underestimating psychological stress factors
    ” Any type of building task in your very own home is fraught with power characteristics,” claims Irving, who suggests that pairs take on a smaller sized job– developing a birdhouse, state–. “It’s occurring in your nest, with your dough,” includes Irving, “in big amounts.
  • 16. Stinting high quality
    ” Spend great money on things you touch everyday,” provides Chiappone, “like door hardware, doors, faucets, appliances, kitchen cabinets. The responsive experience sends out an everyday reminder to you and also your guests about the solidity and also top quality of your residence.”
  • 17. Splurging where you need to conserve
    On the other side, she states, “Don’t obtain secured into the suggestion that the greatest things ought to set you back one of the most.” Nice throw pillows can spruce up a mid-range sofa. Or blend a low-end table with a statement lighting fixture. Reglazing ceramic tile will be far more economical than a complete overhaul. “And also sisal carpets are economical as well as constantly look chic!” she claims.
  • 18. Replacing home windows
    ” Believe long as well as hard prior to you replace your home windows. If they’re initial to the house and remain in half-decent form, they can and ought to be resuscitated,” suggests Irving. Adding double-glaze window can do the method where it pertains to energy-efficiency. “Any person asserting that you will earn your money back in power savings by mounting substitute home windows is either mistaken or searching for your money himself.”
  • 19. Not knowing dimensions
  • When you know what size tables, sofas, and also sconces you require, write them down and lug that listing with you constantly. You never ever recognize when the perfect item will jump into your course. “Don’t love a 94-inch sofa when you can just fit an 84,” alerts Chiappone.
  • 20. Acquiring gigantic furniture
  • While you go to it, write your door sizes, also. “Ensure your brand-new acquisitions can fit through the front door,” claims Chiappone. “You will not think how commonly this gets forgotten.”
  • 21. Buying miniature rugs
  • “Your carpeting ought to ground your furnishings so that at least the front legs of the upholstery are on the rug,” she states. Strike up your local carpeting store– they can make any type of broadloom into a different size as well as shape.”
  • 22. Not getting everyone on the very same page
  • ” If you are purchasing appliances, lighting, and other things for a renovation, print out all your specifications and/or installation instructions,” claims Chiappone. “I put them in a binder for the specialist and also the subs and maintain onsite so everyone has accessibility to these docs.” Perk tip: “If you were to ever sell or lease your property, this is an important device.”
  • 23. Attempting to be your own basic professional
  • Other than their experience with construction, products, and also sources, basic contractors have something else to supply: responsibility. “You don’t have much guide over an electrician,” says Irving. Sub-contractors, nevertheless, have relationships with G.C.’s that will experience if they do not obtain the work done. Occasionally, it’ll exercise, especially if your jobs are reasonably tiny. Yet know that it can be a risk.
  • 24. Investing too much on tech
  • Modern technology can be expensive and come to be out-of-date rapidly. While electrical wiring every room in your house for video could seem cool, it’s not always an excellent investment. Your home’s next purchaser is not likely to be excited with an aging system.
  • 25. Servicing way too many rooms at once
  • For anybody on a budget (i.e., all of us) Chiappone suggests concentrating on the living locations initially. “Doing a little here and there in multiple spaces will just leave you feeling uncertain and irritated,” she keeps in mind. “The area where you invest the most time must truly act as the emphasis of your energy and financial investment. When the budget allows, carry on to the following area.”
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Top 10 ideas to producing a successful house extension – The perfect guide

Just how to build an effective house extension …

Are you delighted with where you live but would such as that little bit a lot more space? Extending your home is the method onward! Every residence is special to individuals who reside in them so here are some suggestions on exactly how to effectively extend your residence.

10- Obtain all approvals

This is where the experts come in … depending on the size, form and also range of your brand-new extension, you might need to make an application for preparing approval but don’t panic. As each local council is different there is no uncomplicated general rule for creating House extensions which can just mean something; locate a developer that is willing to go the extra mile and push the limits! You will find that the majority of council websites supply a lot of information as well as design guides which are provided to guarantee your city is matched by design as well as not ruined so it’s not a system to be knocked!

Even if your extension does not need Planning Consent it will certainly require Building Regulations Authorization which exists to implement construction standards throughout the Dublin. Structure laws protect layouts by ensuring the buildings are constructed correctly and assessments happen along the road which assists stop unprofessional purchase and also the feared ‘cowboy contractor’ which is constantly an advantage!

9- Speak with your neighbours

Often it’s your neighbors that can make or damage a planning application in the eyes of the council as an argument to your proposition is never a simple hurdle to get rid of. A simple conversation with them can go a lengthy method so show them what you’re planning and describe the design and provide reasons why this is your desire.

8- Set a budget

This could seem a straightforward action towards making your desire fact yet it’s common to spend too much on even the tiniest jobs. The basic policy is to enable ₤ 1,000- ₤ 2,000 per square meter and afterwards enable an additional 10-20 percent backup fund. Even better method would be to provide the developers illustrations to Amount Land surveyor for them to give a precise cost.

Also keep in mind that not only do you have the develop budget, there will certainly be the developer’s as well as professionals charges, federal government VAT and additionally local authorities costs for the applications as well. Be reasonable with your budget plan as to create the best desire residence, it is not all regarding the new build extension alone. Lots of elements collaboratively create a functional and gorgeous area.

7- What is the objective of the extension?

An inquiry most people assume they know the answer as well, nevertheless there tend to be a lot more solution to this question than room and spending plan will enable so concession is generally needed or an actually excellent developer that will work hard with you to attain your desire extension! Whether you’re a young pair in the beginning of living together or a family of four whom have actually lived in the exact same home for several years, for every individual within that residence will certainly need a different and also varied outcome of the space/s. For someone it may be a tranquil atmosphere to go back to after a hard day at the office and for the other it may be a social setting to host friends as well as have a good old natter. As a result make sure you consider who will certainly utilize this area, when it will be made use of and what it will certainly be used for. Is it an added bedroom you are searching for or are you craving a larger, brighter kitchen/dining open strategy living room?

6- Think about the place and also setting

Where your home is located is extremely important to the design of your extension. The very best extensions out there are those supportive to their environments or across the range those which contrast their surroundings. From a country village to a city residential area nobody extension is the same so why not utilize your surroundings as a chance to press the limits of construction innovations as well as compliment or comparison your innovative styles. Are you near a babbling creek? Noisy train line? Forest wildlife? Busy metropolitan street scene?

5- Research study various materials

Material selection is critical to the design of extensions as it is the product ends up that bring the framework to life. Whether you desire your extension to attract attention from the crowd or be a subtle enhancement, there are numerous options to select in between with numerous manufacturers and also vendors of the exact same item all who provide different services, so make sure to do your research before entering the minefield!

Timber cladding is a product choice that is becoming much more often used so if you are looking for a rustic feeling to your extension give lumber the thumbs up! If you would favor a clean, crisp finish to a modern extension perhaps a mix of white render and grey slate would certainly work well with large periods of glazing.

4- Think outside the box

An extension can be upwards into the loft space, in an outward direction as an enhancement or downwards to a basement therefore no extension is the same so make yours stand out from the group as well as give it the wow factor! Perhaps add some unusual details to the design that establishes your own besides the common extension- whether it is the shape of the extension or a concealed glazing panel where the brand-new meets old. Bear in mind to continue pushing them boundaries as well as proving why household design is exciting!

3- Landscaping

This, you may ask why it remains in the top ten … but … a wonderful design developer will certainly take into consideration the environments as well as integrate it into the proposal due to the fact that besides, we all like the outdoors! Design is matched by nature so if you have a sight utilize it, if not produce one in your exterior area.

When showing your new extension to loved ones do you really desire a worn out looking yard or would certainly you instead flaunt your house as a totality and also be proud to call it all yours?

2- Pick the appropriate building contractor

Choosing the right home builder is vital to building your desire as with the wrong one your desire will certainly extremely quickly become a headache! So ensure you study building contractors long as well as hard, check out previous jobs they have actually done, perform various chats with them (as allow’s face you need to have the ability to deal with them!) and have a look on web sites for reviews. Some local council panels have actually established systems in their districts to help with this choice and also produced directory sites for you with just the local home builders that satisfy the high criteria as well as are recommended by other people in your location so search through them!

1- Discovering the best Designer or Specialist!!

This is one of the most important part of all (somewhat prejudiced I recognize but it is fundamental!). If you want to attract attention from the group and have the most effective extension on your road, select a developer with a mountain of experience in property architecture.

You will experience several developers’ web sites looking through profiles of previous work yet make certain to see if the company have won any kind of awards for their work. Honors suggest not only that they are creative as well as experienced at what they do yet likewise they are extremely respected within the market also which is incomparable for you as the customer.

To obtain the most out of your experience with the designer you must be open and straightforward because your dreams will be made fact in the hands of their analyses from your short.

Prolonging your house can be immensely rewarding and also can make a huge difference to your way of living as well as with some useful advice and also a little insight you will quickly be well on your method to living the desire!